Learn to Maintain Your Home Computer

It is important to perform routine maintenance to keep your computer running smoothly and virus free.  Here are some simple steps that can help:



  1. Clean up disk errors by running Check Disk once a week.
  2. Remove temporary files by running Disk Cleanup once a week.
  3. Optimize your data by running Disk Defragmenter once a week.
  4. Make Internet Explorer run faster-Clear your cache, and delete temporary internet files.
  5. Automate Windows Update.
  6. Remove spyware with an anti-spyware program, and use antivirus software help protect your computer from viruses.

Not sure how? Follow these step by step instructions from Microsoft.

Want to know more? Come to our FREE class to learn about FREE software to help you maintain and enhance your PC. Tuesday, May 24, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Community Technology Center, Level 4, Central Library. No registration required.

Written by Jesse on May 21, 2011


Chris James on May 25, 2011


Jesse, great blog and the class looks excellent. I'm going to test out all of these tips on my laptop. Thanks!

Jake Ashley on June 5, 2011


This is like the summary of all the computer tips I've read. I usually call an online computer repair to fix my computer problems but this time i'll try to it on my own.

Susan Livingston on June 9, 2011


Hi, do you have a similar class for Mac users?

I'm a Mac user and sometimes my MSWord documents convert to a ".dat" document for PC owners. What is happening and how can I help my PC friends?

cell: 720-480-8762

Thanks, Susan

11 Year old kid on July 20, 2013


Hello. I am a 11 year old kid trying to maintain computers for my whole family. I have one computer that is just so slow and has bad video cards and everything. Its a Emachine. Ive tried disk cleanup,Advanced systemcare, Defraging, Even changing ram to 2-1gb bars. After all that I zapped it and put in a windows xp in a vista comuter. It could support it very well. The only problem is it is STILL bad after downloading all the drivers possible. Any advice?


Hello, I'm Technology Specialist Jesse. I work in the Community technology Center and would like to help you with this. Please contact me any time Tuesday - Saturday at 720-865-1738 or 1781 and we could talk about some options to help you with your problem. I also do 1:1 appointments and can sit with you for an hour and help guide you with your problem.


Well i just now got it running again. I have a emachines w3653 and GMA 950 video card. Only problem now is convincing my family that the bluescreen is not my fault ;D

henryWilson on December 8, 2013


Good Article. These helps but they can only do so much. You’re better off getting a professional software that are designed for these kind of tasks of speeding up your computer. I recommend Auslogics BoostSpeed, Synei System Utilities, or Iobit Advanced SystemCare.

Computer Nerd on February 3, 2018


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Office 365 sup… on April 8, 2018


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