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Grant, one of our valued Library volunteers, is a member of the Denver Classical Guitar Society and shared the news that Marc Teicholz is coming to Colorado! Teicholz has been called both "technically gifted and musical to the core," playing more than 18 different historic guitars.

Teicholz will be performing in Denver on Saturday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the South Broadway Christian Church. While currently on faculty with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Teicholz makes the classics his own.

Interested in developing your talent? The Library has tutorials and musical scores to assist! Instruction and technique series by Frederic Hand and Jason Walden are places to start exploring classical guitar.  The musical scores collection also provides a variety of pieces in both tablature and standard notation.

Prefer to listen rather than play? The Library has a representative collection of classical guitarists to get you started. Favorites include: Sharon Isbin, Julian Bream and John Williams. Prefer to stream your music? Check out the classical guitar pieces performed by David Starobin from the Classical Music Library.

Written by Laurie. on October 10, 2011


Laurie. on October 18, 2011


New book just in - Guitars Illustrated by Terry Burrows.  It includes make/model family trees!


Dear Laurie (If i may),

I have been trying to reach a representative of the Denver Classical Guitar Society for weeks. Are you able to provide a name and

My artist, guitarist TALI ROTH, will be coming to New Mexico in February, 2014.


Tom (Parker)
Parker Artists

Laurie. on January 7, 2013


Thanks for your note Tom. I investigated and learned the Classical Guitar Society has disbanded. A small group may still be meeting monthly at the South Broadway Christian Church ( The past President of the organization, Rochelle Chatier (303) 9410-7097, may have additional information.

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