City Tales: NYC

Let's visit the city that never sleeps. 

There are thousands of books that feature the Big Apple. Let's take a look at some of the more unique aspects of NYC.

The Little Big Book of New York
I love this little book and I learn something new about NYC every time I flip through these pages. It's got poetry, song lyrics, essays, short stories, recipes and all sorts of fun legends and facts. Want to enjoy a tasty knish with your Long Island Iced Tea? This book's got you covered.

Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook
Upon arriving in New York, I barely stopped long enough to throw my suitcase in the hotel before heading to Junior's. Let's just say that wasn't the only time I visited Junior's during my stay in NYC. The recipes in this book do take some time but the Apple Caramel Cheesecake is AMAZING.

While I didn't run into Mayor Bloomberg while riding the subway I was serenaded by a lovely mariachi band one morning. This book is packed with fun anecdotes about life underground.

New York Noir
Yes, it's a bit macabre, but try prying your eyes away from some of these crime photos from the New York Daily News. Tabloid newspapers dominated how people saw the news in the decades before there was television. The photos here include the shot of the first woman to be executed by the electric chair, taken by a camera taped to the ankle of photographer Tom Howard.

Hack: How I Stopped Worrying What to Do with My Life and Started Driving a Yellow Cab
I'll always hold a soft spot in my heart for the cabbie who drove us to the airport  at the end of our stay. An African immigrant, this kind driver was an aspiring musician. He sang his songs to us the entire trip from the Chelsea Hotel to LaGuardia. Melissa Plaut couldn't decide what to do with her life so she joined the other 1% of cab drivers in NYC that are female. Similar to Taxi Cab Confessions, this is like being a fly on the window.

What are your Gotham favorites?

Written by Amber on June 8, 2011

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