Tina Darling, Mommie's Home!

 Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest has become a cult classic. Fresh City Life presents this weird, absurd biopic as our KnitFlix movie for October.

 It was meant to be a faithful film rendition of Christina Crawford's book of the same title, but Mommie Dearest quickly became a midnight showing cult film. In fact, during its initial release, it developed a following as loyal as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I'm not a film academic, so I can't know with any certainty why Mommie Dearest moved into the realm of cult classic. But some of the reasons I love it might be contributing factors. In no particular order:

  • dialogue that is supposed to be serious and dramatic is funny and over-the-top
  • much of the acting is Grade 'A' ham
  • the costumes and sets are spectacular
  • after a couple viewings, you start to anticipate certain speeches, and can shout them out -- just like The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • it's all so bad, it's good

So I hope you'll join us if you can for our very special October Knitflix showing of Mommie Dearest on 10/18. All tricks, no treats. But feel free to bring any treats you'd like. Details and showtime here.

Written by Chris on September 24, 2011

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