Chill Out

Chill Out
Chill Out Chill Out Chill Out

Love the snow? Chill out with these frosty films featuring blizzards, snowy locales and even a few cold-hearted killers. Whether you are looking for flurries of laughter or showers of tears, the library has a film for you.


Don't forget The Fearless Vampire Killers, Ghost Story (starring Fred Astaire) and Batman Returns. All are wonderfully wintry films!

I love The Ice Storm too. How about Let the Right One In? Chilly in many ways.

One of my favorites is The Ice Storm by Ang Lee

please add: Frozen River, The Last Runner, Nanook of the North, Citizen Kane, the Sweet Hereafter, Transiberia, the Last Station, (Frost/Nixon:)), Groundhog Day, Touching the Void, Song of the Tundra, Into the Wild, Snow Cake,and Snow Angels.

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