Chew and Review: Mac n Cheese Pancake Recipe Review

You picked the recipe and now it's time to review it. The Mac n Cheese Pancakes from Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin were a huge hit at my house! Watch the video and see how easy it is to make them at home.

I. LOVE. THIS. COOKBOOK. Seriously people, is there a more fun-to-read, easy-on-your-busy-lifestyle, creative cookbook out there?

Fun to read because he's so entertaining and funny and he has a potty mouth that keeps it real.

Easy because I had left over macaroni to use for a pasta salad later in the week and although I do prefer to make things from scratch, using the dry pancake mix was a cinch. With all that maple-y, crunchy, cheesy goodness, I couldn't tell it was from a box.

And creative because his combination of simple ingredients leads to the most awesome meals! Mac n cheese pancakes was the perfect breakfast for dinner food. Crazy good!

The recipe consists of:

  • 3 cups pancake batter (Mr. Shopsin recommends Aunt Jemima frozen batter but I couldn't find that so I used the Aunt Jemima classic dry mix which was very good)
  • 1 heaping cup of cooked elbow macaroni 
  • 1 heaping cup feather-shredded cheese (I used a more chunky shred and it turned out great)
  • Butter and maple syrup (the syrup soaking into the caramelized cheese is what really makes this dish a-mazing)

Watch an Amateur Cook 'Em


The biggest challenge was working in a skillet instead of a griddle. I had a little anxiety flipping with all of the cheese piled on top but I got the hang of it after a few batches. I'm including a video of me flipping and my family's reaction. I'm also including a video of Kenny making them himself. He does it way better but even he gets one that's a little off. So don't feel bad if you try this recipe and you get a few cakes that are ugly. It's not about pretty, it's about delicious.

One last bit: if you can't get enough of this character, Kenny Shopsin:

Watch Kenny Cook 'Em


Written by lauriekm on August 17, 2010


BradandMichelle on August 17, 2010


OMG - that looks incredible! May go home tonight to give this a try.


It really is a good dish. The mac n cheese is subtler than you might's just very familiar and very well balanced. Great comfort food. I could eat 20+ of these things. I'm not exaggerating.

Can't wait to see the choices next week! Hope they are as interesting as this first go around.

Forget grandma's recipes...DPL's cookbook collection provides a lifetime of culinary pleasure.

bashtree on August 18, 2010


This looks so good!!! I'll have to try it, too!

james on August 19, 2010


Made them last night. I too was worried about flipping with cheese, but no prob. Everyone loved them.

Boni M on August 20, 2010


These were super easy. I used the Bisquick Shake and pour mix, because like others I couldn't find the frozen batter.
I think the cheese and the mac were a little understated for my taste - but they were so easy I'm planning on experimenting with some Parmesan cheese or maybe a sharper cheddar next time. My boyfriend loved them, although he did look at me a little queerly when I announced what they were.


I love your Parm idea! That just gets me thinking about all sorts of yummy combinations. Mizithra, haloumi, asiago, kasseri...orecchiette (imagine, little ears filled with molten cheese), spaghetti, ditalini.

This recipe proves that you really can't go wrong with any combination of cheese and starch.

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