Chew and Review Poll: Eat Me

Update: The people have spoken and the winner of the poll is: Mac n Cheese Pancakes! Look for the next installment of Chew and Review to see how the recipe turns out.

Looking for new and interesting ways to cook for your family, friends or just yourself? Look no further than your local public library. Our collection of food related materials is huge:

Every once in a great while, I'll fall in love with one cookbook that I want to be all mine. But alas, no matter how special it's just not practical for me to buy it. Is it possible to use the Denver Public Library as my own personal culinary library?

To find out, I'll need your help.

  • I'm going to keep one cookbook for the three week check out period and cook one recipe of your choice each week and blog about it with pictures and maybe even some video.
  • After three weeks, I'll let you all vote on whether or not to renew it (if I can) or try another book of your choice for three more weeks of recipes of your choice.

That being said, the latest object of my cookbook lust: Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin by Kenny Shopsin and Carolynn Carreño.

Kenny Shopsin is legendary owner of Shopsin's in New York City. He cooks with passion and a commitment to no b.s. This is the first cookbook that I read from cover to cover; it's funny, touching and made me so, so hungry. It has over a hundred very original recipes which is a tiny fraction of his six page menu estimated at over 900 items (he posts the menu outside his restaurant to dissuade customers from coming in).

I'm picking three of these recipes that will probably fit my family's tastes: a seven-year-old, an 18-year-old vegetarian and my husband who eats the good, the bad and the ugly.

Pick the recipe that you would most like me to test for you in the survey to the left. You'll notice that they're all brunch-y. I'm going with the egg dishes this week.

  • Egg Nachos: "There's not a person alive who doesn't like a pile of chips with all that nacho gooey stuff on top. The important thing with nachos is that when you take a chip, you get a little bit of each of the topping ingredients with it."
  • Mac n Cheese Pancakes: "...Why not mac and cheese pancakes? Today they are one of my most popular pancakes I make. For me the process of trial and error is like swallowing mental sand from oysters in the hopes my subconscious will give me pearls."
  • Huevos Rancheros: "I know that Huevos Rancheros is a specific Mexican dish, but this isn't that. I don't even know what real Huevos Rancheros is. (Hint: it includes collard greens.)"
Written by lauriekm on August 5, 2010


Anonymous on August 5, 2010


Mac 'n Cheese pancakes!

Anonymous on August 5, 2010


Egg Nachos! I am simply trying to imagine what that could be!!

james on August 6, 2010


I had to pick the Huevos since it's one of my favorite dishes, even though Shopsin's version doesn't seem traditional. That's okay, since I like variations on familiar dishes. Mac 'n' cheese pancakes...hmmm...very curious. This is a great book and I really enjoyed the documentary about Shopsin, I Like Killing Flies. It's a must-see!


Thanks for pointing that out James. I Like Killing Flies is a fantastic film!


Hadn't heard of this guy - thanks! Cookbook on hold and watched the movie the other night and we really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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