Cavalia Rides into Town

Cavalia Rides into Town
Cavalia Rides into Town

If you love horses, you already know that Cavalia is in town until October 17. Cavalia is a magical evening featuring 50 horses of a dozen breeds as the focal point of the evening. Praised for its excellent treatment of their equine performers, this family-friendly event celebrates the magnificent grace and artistry of the horse.


Maybe an intrepid couple should try smuggling their way in -- in one of those two-person horse costumes.

You say Cavalia is "family-friendly." Maybe if your family's name is Anschutz, it is. Have you checked out the price of tickets?

I agree. I read in the Denver Post article that "It's also not cheap: The public can grab obstructed-view tickets for under $50, but prime seats on a weekend run $70 to $100."

My word choice "family friendly" was in reference to content of the event, not the economic ramifications of a family attending.

I recently joked with a friend that if perhaps we went in together for a ticket we could share a seat, trading places at the intermission. Sadly, this very cool event is likely out of a lot of people's price range these days.


My thoughts exactly. I breaks my heart to not even be able to mention it to my little horse lover, because we can't afford to go.

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