Save room for a Sundae on Friday: Butter Pecan Sundaes with Salted Caramel Sauce

"Do you want some of this?" -- Little Edie (offering butter pecan ice cream to her mother), Grey Gardens

 If you've seen the documentary Grey Gardens, then you know there are several scenes that revolve around food. And if you count scenes of raccoons in the attic, there are even more. 

One of most memorable food scenes shows the subjects of the film, the Beale women - Little Edie and Big Edie, sharing a sort of indoor picnic of boiled corn, liver pate with fresh squeezed lemon and butter pecan ice cream for dessert. The Beales have fallen on hard times and must make do in all things; Little Edie is shown eating her ice cream with a plastic knife -- and it's one of the most endearing shots in the film. 

We're paying tribute to the Beale women this Friday with our Grey Garden's Etsy Crafting Party. Our snacks for the party, generously donated by our friends at Whole Foods Market, will hearken back to the film. For instance we are hosting a Sundae bar with butter pecan ice cream (and others); however the real star of the sundaes will be Helliemae's Salted Caramel Sauce! Helliemae's will be doing a salt caramel cooking demo at 1 pm and they've generously donated delectable topping for our Grey Gardens dessert bar (opens at 6:30 pm). Much as we love authenticity, our sundaes will be served with spoons. You'll be able to keep your strength up with other treats inspired by the film throughout the day.

Denver Handmade Alliance, our co-hosts for this spectacular, suggested some other wonderful highlights of the party. We'll have craft stations going all day, but if you drop in at 6p, you can check out a furniture refinishing demo with Jeanne at Vintage Renewal. And in case you haven't seen Grey Gardens, we'll be screening this documentary, the Drew Barrymore film of the same name and the follow up documentary The Beales of Grey Gardens. Bring your own favorite craft(s) to work on and enjoy the company of other creatives. It's all in the name of crafty good times -- Etsy Crafting Party 2011! RSVP here.

Written by Chris on June 7, 2011


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