Tales of breastfeeding...

Working full time while nursing a baby is the most rewarding and exhausting thing I've ever done! Where do I turn when I need a little breastfeeding inspiration? First I look at my cute lil' baby, and then I hit up Denver Public Library.

Deciding to breastfeed isn't something I really thought about too much. I simply knew I wanted to try it--I have nothing against parents who formula-feed their babies. I'm very much a "whatever works for you" kind of gal and some women just can't breastfeed for a multitude of reasons.

I learned a little about breastfeeding in my childbirth class and decided to take a breastfeeding class after it came to an end.  I did ok 'breastfeeding' a stuffed Cookie Monster, so when baby arrived I gave it a go. 

I'm Just about 7 months in and I still enjoy feeding my baby this way too much to quit now, but sometimes it feels like all I do is breastfeed (and pump when I'm not breastfeeding)!  So, when I need a little breastfeeding inspiration, or need a laugh (or cry) to help me forget about the 5-ouncer I just accidentally spilled, I like to read real stories written by women experiencing the exact thing I'm going through.  It's kind of like getting together with a girlfriend, but you don't have to get dressed, or put on make-up, or even shower (new moms you know what I mean!).

Check out these titles to read more touching and humorous breastfeeding stories, and if you've got a minute, tell me about yours.

Note: Some of the following items are available through our Prospector catalog.

How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mom

Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breastfeeding

Fresh Milk: The Secret Life of Breasts

The Reality of Breastfeeding: Reflections by Contemporary Women

Written by New Mommy on June 30, 2010

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