Brazilian Food from a Professional

Chef Shellie Kark has been teaching people how to cook at Fresh City Life for four years now, and there's a reason for that. Many people can churn out a delicious feast, but instructing others how to do so is an art form all its own, and that's where Shellie excels.
Her line of cooking instruction DVDs called Kitchencue is phenomenal- rather than focus on specific recipes, this chef tackles cooking techniques instead.  Her three volume video set features sautes & pan sauces, soups & stock, and roasting.  Endless delectable combinations can be made using these simple techniques, from a basic pork loin roast to a complicated roux-based cream sauce.  This Saturday from 10:30 a.m.-12 noon in the B2 Conference Center, Shellie will be showing you how to cook the street food of Brazil as part of our contribution to the Biennial of the Americas- you'll learn how to make Pao de Queso, yummy little cheese-stuffed rolls made with tapioca flour (good for the gluten-free among us!) and Kibe, a popular Lebanese-style meat snack that blends ground beef and cinnamon in an interesting and mouth-watering way, served with a tahini lime dipping sauce.  Can we say mmmmmmm!  Good thing we get to sample the snacks after we've watched them happen.

Shellie's Kitchencue DVDs are for sale at the event at a special library price, and you can also check out copies from our collection.  I did, and became a stronger cook because of it.

So, do any of you have any favorite Brazilian recipes?

Written by Simone on July 23, 2010


BeckerPS on July 24, 2010


And if anyone wants to hear more about Brazil--the food, the people, the reasons to visit--join us for Travel Tales: Brazil at the Ross Cherry Creek branch library on Tuesday August 3 at 12:00. Brazil is an amazingly diverse country--come find out more about it!

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