Gail Lindley gets 27 hours of work done in every 24 hour day! Along with her daily responsibilities running Denver Bookbinding Company (a business that has been in her family for three generations), she is active in the community contributing her time to the Denver Police (as a volunteer officer) as well as many charitable organizations like Denver Urban Gardens (Denver Bookbinding hosts a DUG garden in their backyard.)

 But Gail is launching a new project this fall -- in concert with Fresh City Life Craft Services (our DIY events for crafters of all stripes), Denver Bookbinding will be creating events and workshops entitled bookNpaperlove. Geared to our DIYers who love all things paper and handmade books, the initial schedule of events is pretty enticing. Once a month on Wednesdays, there will be a tour of the bindery along with a "Build Your Own Book" workshop. You'll get an insider's look at what goes on at a bindery as well as up-close examples of how Denver Bookbinding saves books with archival reconstruction techniques. After the tour, you're invited to a workshop to build your own single-signature book as an entree to the fascinating craft of bookmaking. Sign up to take the tour and learn about Denver's beloved bindery. Registration is now open.

Written by Chris on August 4, 2010

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