BOO! It's a Beiber Christmas.

Can't get your hands on Halloween music at the Library due to high demand? Avoid serial disappointment and embrace the frighenting reality that now is the time to think about your holiday playlist.

The Library is stocking up on new holiday favorites of popular artists past and present.  Sometimes hold lists are unavoidable so don't delay and get on hold today!

Here are a few first holiday albums by the following artists: 

Want a new old standard?  Try Mannheim Steamroller's new Christmas Symphony!

Have a favorite artist?  The Library may have a compilation CD featuring your favorite artists.  Examples include Katy Perry singing White Christmas from the 2008 - Winter Songs.  Colbie Caillat and Rhianna on Now That's What I Call Christmas 4.

Music for the kids?  The Library has on order several titles including: The Wiggles - It's Always Christmas With You!, Elf! The Musical and Veggie Tales O Holy Night.

Looking for music in our online catalog is easier than carving a pumpkin.  If you can't find what you need, please contact us



Written by Laurie. on October 24, 2011

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