A Blender, A Vegetable and an Ice Cube Tray

It really is that easy to make your own baby food! I love the idea of knowing exactly what is in the food my daughter is eating and I’ve found that making our own baby food takes just a small amount of time and effort.

We’re still on simple fruits and vegetables, but in one afternoon I made enough food to last for several weeks. After the food is steamed and/or pureed I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. These “ice cubes” make the perfect serving size for my hungry six month old!

Like most aspects of parenting, getting the food just right has been trial and error. I’ve discovered that the consistency is better using a blender rather than a food processor. Peas can have an odd texture even after blending but pushing them through a sieve helps. Some of the recipes call for juice or broth but I’ve found water works just as well. What are your tips or tricks when it comes to homemade baby food?

There are TONS of books that give recipes, nutritional info and feeding tips from birth through the toddler years. Pureed parsnips, anyone?!

Written by Amber on August 6, 2010

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