Black Dynamite

O'Leary: "Okay. We heard about your brother's death. The last thing we need is you running through the streets creating a river of blood."
Black Dynamite: "Tell me who did it and I'll just leave a puddle."

If you haven't seen this movie, Black Dynamite, you should. I was a bit hasty about watching it but did so only because, Micheal Jai White is the lead role in this film! I'll admit it's a bit on the not so funny side when it starts, but please give it time. It will grow on you. It has its mixture of comedy as well as some humorous action! Just keep in mind it's just a movie, don't take it so seriously and enjoy! Please leave a comment or two and let me know what you think. If you have watched this film let me know why you did or didn't like it! Thanks.

Written by Lupe on November 15, 2010


Anonymous on November 16, 2010


I loved Black Dynamite. So funny! Michael Jai White wrote the script!

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