Bindweed Beware!

This spring I vowed to stop using Roundup and other pesticides in my yard and garden. I thought I knew what I needed in order to begin my newest battle against the onslaught of bindweed, but on a whim I looked up bindweed in the library's database of Gardening, Landscaping & Horticulture Articles and got even more help for my fight!
In seconds, I had 7 articles to read. The first article listed had two pieces of information I wasn't aware of previously that I'm going to add to my strategy: it's more effective to attack the bindweed with a spot treatment in the fall (in my case, with my new product of choice--vinegar), and if you water the weeds first, the plants will be healthier, photosynthesize more and thus more of the vinegar will make it to the root system. My next vow? Use the library's databases more!

Written by Stefanie on June 16, 2011


Anonymous on June 17, 2011


Bindweed is EVIL! Thanks for the vinegar tip and thanks for swearing off the pesticides... the earth and all creatures also thank you.

Rachel on June 20, 2011


I use white vinegar on the cracks in the sidewalk, too. It works so well!
I love it. I will have to reapply after this big rain, though.

Gem on June 20, 2011


Wow, thank you! I hope this works. It's a huge battle in my yard.

Anonymous on June 21, 2011


What a fabulous and much needed tip! I did lots of weeding yesterday and I'm giving this a try. Thanks so much Stefanie.

JJK on July 29, 2014


The trouble is, vinegar makes your soil too acid for the good plants, too. I'm trying Trimec on my poor lawn. It looks pretty enough, but week by week there is more bindweed out there and pretty soon it's going to get into the front yard and my neighbors' - it's been here for years, decades, but never this bad.
My yard man said that in between the trimec spraying, a couple of weeks away from that application, I ought to feed the lawn, just once or twice a year, as well as keeping it watered. He thinks a strong lawn can help keep the bindweed down. Hmmmmm...

tdn on August 11, 2014


Vinegar kills by drawing moisture from whatever is alive in the soil. Not just plant life but also beneficial nematodes and earthworms and all other micro life systems good soil needs.

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