Bicycle Commuting Classes

Commuter Bike

Dust off that bicycle languishing in your garage!

Come learn and share tricks and techniques for commuting to work on your bike! Learn how to be safe, find the best route to take, and have tons of fun, all while becoming healthy, wealthy and wise!

Bicycling improves quality of life. It gets you outside, relieves stress, makes you feel better, and creates a way to spend time with family and friends. Best of all, it’s convenient, flexible and free. Whether for recreation, transportation or competition, bicycling offers a lifetime of health and fun.

Class Schedule

All classes are free and open to the public.

Arrive fresh and invigorated every day, ready to buckle down and work hard! By riding your bike, you help the environment, keep yourself fit, and save money on gas! Explore a fun new way to exercise all year long.

Here are just a few of the benefits cycling provides, according to Bikes Belong:

  • Promotes healthier lifestyles
  • Lowers health care costs
  • Strengthens family bonds
  • Provides recreation outlet for youth
  • Builds closer-knit communities

    Bicycling is fun for everyone — men and women, young and older Americans all across the country enjoy this safe and healthy activity. Anyone can pedal at any pace. Bicycling is gentle and low-impact, making it an enjoyable, pain-free activity for everyone. Come to one of the classes to learn more, and feel free to share your passion for riding.


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    Great website, thanks BD--here are a couple other sites one can explore for more suggestions to help one get started commuting by bike:

    Bicycle Safe (

    Ken Kifer's Bike Pages (

    Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips (
    Enjoy! hope to see you on April 28th at Central Library!

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