The Best of the USA Network

The Best of the USA Network
White Collar

No Cable? No problem. The library has all the best TV shows available on DVD! The USA Network features programs with original and zany characters in often comedic or precarious situations. Did you know that these and other TV shows check out for three weeks? Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

My favorites on this list are Burn Notice and Psych. I've heard great things about White Collar too though, and look forward to watching it! I just brought my hold home today!

Which is your favorite?


I'm hooked on White Collar, Burn Notice and one you didn't mention, Leverage.

Leverage, with Timothy Hutton, is about a band of cons who work outside the law to make things right. Kind of a cross between Robin Hood and The Sting. Some of their cons are updates on classics that we know from the movies, including an update on The Sting.

I'm watching them on USA, one episode at a time. I'd like to go back and watch the end of 4400 again - that was a fantastic science fiction series, and I'll bet the commentary is enlightening. You don't get commentary when you watch them on TV!

Thanks for reminding me about Leverage! I also love a good commentary. The other feature I love is subtitles. Especially in the summer, with the fans running and windows open it can be hard to hear without cranking up the volume, so I love being able to turn on the subtitles to avoid those, "Huh, wha?" moments.

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