The Best of Showtime

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The Best of Showtime

No Cable? No Problem! The library has a premium selection of TV shows! While Showtime is known primarily for showing films and sports, they have also created some unique and compelling original series.


for a minute I thought you left off United States of Tara, Tara Librarian! Great show!

I agree! While Toni Collette amazing, it's the other family members that really make the show outstanding. The actors who play the dad and son blow me away.

I'd add Dexter to this list. It presents a fascinating conflict for the viewer: root for a serial killer who lives (and works) by a strict set of principles and a sense of humor, or reject his actions outright for the horrifying and brutal acts they are. Not for the faint of heart, but the acting and writing are excellent.

How could I forget Dexter! Ack! A fabulous show based on an equally fascinating book series.

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