20 Great Live Albums

Nothing compares to the roar of a live crowd waiting for a much loved band to take the stage. These albums were generally recorded in one or two nights and capture the raw intensity of Rock 'N Roll!

  1. Live at Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers
  2. Live at the Apollo by James Brown
  3. Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971 by The Byrds
  4. At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash
  5. Sgt Pepper Live by Cheap Trick
  6. Live from Madison Square Garden by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
  7. Live at Shea Stadium by The Clash
  8. Live in London by Leonard Cohen
  9. Alive 2007 by Daft Punk
  10. Hot August Night by Neil Diamond
  11. Live in Pittsburgh 1970 by The Doors
  12. Go to Nassau, May 15 & 16, 1980 by The Grateful Dead
  13. How the West was Won by Led Zeppelin
  14. The Last Concert by Roy Orbison
  15. I Might be Wrong Live Recordings by Radiohead
  16. It's Alive! by The Ramones
  17. Still Life (American Concert, 1981) by The Rolling Stones
  18. Live in New York City by Bruce Sprinsteen and the E Street Band
  19. Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads
  20. Live at Massey Hall by Neil Young
Written by Tara on December 6, 2010


james on December 8, 2010


What, no Kiss Alive! or Alive 2? How about:

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