Back to School: Teachers on Film

Schools everywhere are starting back up this week. Let's hear it for those influential teachers that have shaped our lives! Are you a teacher? Did you know that the library has resources tailored to your needs?

From PLACE exam test prep books to help getting 20 copies of The Great Gatsby for your class, the library is here for teachers and students alike. 

Written by Tara on August 20, 2010


angela on August 23, 2010


To Sir, With Love is one of my favorites--love the clothes, the slang, the music (Lulu!) and, of course, Sidney Poitier. Blackboard Jungle and To Sir, With Love would make a great double feature!


 Chalk was such a fun surprise!  I had no idea what to expect, and I giggled like a little kid all the way through!  When Morgan Spurlock presents, I listen.

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