Apocalypse Now...maybe..

Some say that the Rapture will be happening in a few days. Those of us who are still here are in for a pretty rough ride, apparently. Here are some movies that might help distract you from the inevitable worrying....

 It got me to thinking about all my favorite dystopian movies and how many bad endings can be imagined..there is The Rapture, starring Mimi Rogers, that might make you think twice about wanting to be one of the elect who get "raptured." Terry Gilliam directed Brazil, in which we all drown in bureaucratic paperwork, and in Idiocracy we all drown in our own stupidity. The Handmaid's Tale and Children of Men both imagine a world in which children are rare commodities. Metropolis, 1984, V for Vendetta and A Clockwork Orange all present bleak futures brought about by politics and class war. Soylent Green, Logan's Run, Tank Girl, and A Boy and His Dog present bleak futures in which ecological disasters have made it a cold cruel world indeed. There are so many thought provoking, amazing movies about the end of it all: Blade Runner, The Matrix, The Terminator, and many many more, so pick out a few, grab some popcorn and entertain yourself while you wait for the end!

Written by Jamie on May 18, 2011

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