Anne McCaffrey, 1926-2011

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Grandmaster Anne McCaffrey passed away on November 21 at the age of 85.

She published her first short story in 1953 and was best known for her Pern series of novels. She was the first woman to win both the Hugo and Nebula awards. For many, McCaffrey's books provided an introduction to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy when they were teens. Her son, Todd, has continued the Pern series. Other series McCaffrey created include Acrona, the Catteni Sequence, the Crystal Universe, and the Ireta Series. She was also known for collaborating with many younger writers. Remember a master writer by picking up or rediscovering one of her books today. DPL even owns Serve it Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey if you want to pay tribute to her on Thanksgiving.

Written by Becker on November 23, 2011


Matthew Nichols on November 26, 2011


Very sad. I first enjoyed "The White Dragon" 25 years ago. Great writer.


Thanks for sharing your memories, Matthew & Sandy. I'm sure a lot of folks will be re-reading her books or giving them to their kids in her memory.

Sandy Diersing on November 26, 2011


I first read the intro, you might say, to Pern, the novella Weyr Search, when I was about 13. It was in a Hugo winners anthology my father had bought. It was years later that I found out there were (at that time about to be three) novels. What riches!

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