Andy Goldsworthy rocks my socks!

collage of andy goldsworthy work

Every once in a while I happen upon something that just blows my brain right out of my head, my first encounter with the art of Andy Goldsworthy was just such a moment.

Andy Goldsworthy is a British environmental artist. He uses nature as his canvas, his tools, his inspiration and his medium. Watching a Goldsworthy creation happen can be awe inspiring or cringe worthy depending on how nature is feeling about Andy that day. His books show the final beauty but you have to watch the DVD, Rivers and Tides Working With Time, to understand the real dedication that this man has for his craft.

Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature
Wall at Storm King
Midsummer Snowballs 


We loved the DVD! My 8 year old son watched the whole thing with me and is still talking about which art works are our favorites, and is inspired to try some out himself (with some help) next time we are in the mountains. Very cool!!!

I'm just so glad you guys enjoyed it together, Andy is a maniac!

Thank you!

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