52 computers in the CTC and counting!

The Community Technology Center just keeps on growing!

If you haven't been to the Central Library's fourth level in the last week or so, come up and check out the ever-expanding Community Technology Center -- we've grown again!  On Wednesday thirty more public computers, complete with Internet access and Microsoft Office 2007, were booted up and made ready for public use.  We now have 20 computers for 2-hour sessions; 24 computers for 1-hour sessions; and 8 computers for 30-minute sessions.  It will be a while before our classrooms are available for group lessons again, but we are still offering one-on-one appointment services in the meantime. 

We think our new space is fabulous!  What do you think?

Written by Melanie on October 30, 2010


A DPL Fan on October 31, 2010


I'm not only impressed by the facilities, but especially by all of the DPL staff and its volunteers.

The hard-working people who took the CTC from concept to reality are a testament to the scope of a public service's vision and the effort required to actualize and implement an idea at a time when our city-- and our society need it most.

The library continues to prove its commitment to Denver by bringing extremely useful and empowering resources to many people who might otherwise be lacking such diverse types of assistance and tools.

To the voters who approved these gifts to our city, and the tradespeople building our new branches and renovating our existing ones-- to DPL's Librarians, Clerks and Shelvers, Carpenters and Custodians-- its Electricians and Security Officers... You have my gratitude and appreciation and consider myself fortunate to live in a city that serves its people so well.


Thank you for acknowledging the Library's efforts to offer services and materials that meet the needs of Denver's citizens.  It's wonderful to hear that our patrons are pleased with the changes taking place. Thanks for posting!


The fourth floor is awesome,the staff is super kool,and very helpful,and Melanie is super kool....thankyou for the help.

Best Wishes

Anonymous on November 1, 2010


This space is fabulous!! It is great to have people right there to help when needed! Hopefully, more computers are coming soon - there's lots of empty tables. When will these tables be filled with more computers?


Yes, eventually computers will fill all of those empty tables!

As you can imagine, there are lots of factors that affect the speed with which the construction progresses.  We'll be posting updates here, so stay tuned!

Anonymous on June 4, 2011


The CTC is a great area for Internet users, but how about making more computers available for checking the DPL catalog? Especially, the first floor of the library should have more catalogs. This is the only library I've ever visited where catalogs are not immediately visible.


Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment. We're working on rolling out more catalog-only computers, in particular on the first floor. Currently, there is 1 such computer in the Media Room. In the near future,there will be 2 total in that room. There is also one in the Hoyt section of the first floor, there are 3 Express Internet computers now on the first floor that customers can use to do quick catalog searches as well.

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