21st Annual Colorado Brewers' Festival

The 21st Annual Colorado Brewers' Festival takes place this weekend in Fort Collins. Colorado is well known for its fine crafted beverages, and rightly so! Coloradans are generally also dog lovers. These two passions have combined to create The BrewDogs of Colorado!

Into home brewing? The Denver Public Library has many books to help you craft the perfect beer at home. For more personalized help, The Rock Hoppers Brew Club meets monthly and shares tips and tricks with brewers of all ability levels!

Colorado breweries draw those from far and wide and a guidebook has been published to help visitors and natives find the best watering holes. The Colorado Brewers' Guild is committed to keeping the beer crafted in Colorado of the finest quality. Many great brewpubs call Denver home. Which is your favorite?

Would you rather cook with your beer? Check out The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook.

Written by Tara on June 23, 2010


moopdog on June 24, 2010


For aspiring homebrewers, I would also recommend John Palmer's "How to Brew" (1st edition available for free online, but DPL owns 3rd edition) and Charlie Papazian's "Complete Joy of Homebrewing."

My favorite local brewery is probably Great Divide, and favorite brewpub is Vine St. Favorite place to get an interesting pint is the Falling Rock, though it's quite a mess if the Rockies are playing.

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