2010 One Book, One Denver Title Chosen

The 2010 One Book, One Denver selection has been chosen by popular vote!

UPDATE: The Help by Kathryn Stockett is the 2010 One Book, One Denver selection. For more information, please visit the One Book, One Denver page.

One Book, One Denver is Mayor Hickenlooper's citywide book club created to build community and stimulate people to read. Denver citizens, young and old, are encouraged to join others in the shared experience of simultaneously reading the same book and participating in related events.

Three titles were up for consideration:

Like to read previous year's selections?

Written by james on July 26, 2010


Anonymous on July 28, 2010


Can DPL offer a contrary book group featuring the other titles not chosen. Too much in society is done by popularity.

Signed, Contrary in Denver


What an interesting idea...I also think I would rather discuss one of the books *not* chosen. If you are currently in a discussion group, why don't you suggest this for your group?


I think that this whole one book one Denver is a joke anyway. I voted last year knowing I did not have to vote for the winner but in the end it was just some media gag so I have no desire to be involved this year. One book One Denver needs to be changed to Denver Reads All Year Round! Go to the library and go get a book who cares if it's popular or well known. Place an ad on Craigslist for a book club, don't let some government agency dictate what you should or should not read just to be fab. Also other then Harper Lee the other choices thus far have been well sub-par at best in my opinion. Why not put a book by Chuck Palahniuk up for vote? What about we all read The Stand by Stephen King? The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich? The Qur'an? The Torah? What ever happened to just reading a fun book like the first Harry Potter book? I have no idea what mayor Hickenlooper is thinking this year; oh wait I do know he wants to be Governor thats right silly me so why care about Denver anymore....


I see One Book, One Denver as just one attempt each year to try to get people -- a lot of people -- to read, contemplate and discuss. Any attempt to promote reading and literacy is something I support wholeheartedly. I understand some may be disappointed by the selections, but as Robby L From NJ! mentioned, you're always free to start your own group and read whatever you choose. DPL also has many fine book clubs to attend, or you may take home a title from the Library's collection, sit, read and enjoy. That's one of the great things about DPL: providing choices for customers to express their freedom to read "All Year Round!"

Anonymous on September 1, 2010


Why isn't the pick, The Help offered in Spanish? This seems discriminatory.


The Spanish language edition is currently out of stock at all the main book vendors used by DPL. We have contacted the publisher in Mexico regarding the availability of Criadas y señoras (the Spanish title for The Help).


That is not discrimination. Please. Just unfortunate. Please. Nobody is that out to get you in such a way.

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