¡En sus marcas! À vos marques!: Tour the Americas with Music

Get ready for the Biennial of the Americas and take a musical tour of the Western Hemisphere. Among this varied selection of CDs, at least one of them is sure to awaken your soul or make you dance.
Welcome to Haitian Creole 101 by Wyclef Jean
This is a full-fledged Caribbean album that careens from style to style showcasing glints of everything from reggaeton to cumbia without ever succumbing to the confines of a single style. It's really an amazing listen, especially if you're at all attracted to Caribbean music. All Music Guide.

Wátina by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective
Soul-stirring melodies and vibrant grooves from the Garifuna community of Central America unite the musical legacies of Africa and the Caribbean to create a powerful saga of exile, longing, hope and celebration.

Anthology by Jimmy Cliff
This compilation gives a good sense of Cliff's career as a whole, revealing his talents as a songwriter and his ability to use Jamaican rhythms to make a music palatable to pop audiences around the world. All Music Guide.

Tango 3.0 by Gotan
The Gotan Project has constructed yet another beautiful melange of traditional Argentinean tango, dub, jazz and electronics.

Mundial by Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee says he set out to make a Mundial CD with an Urban flavor, one that includes the influence from all the countries that have given me their vibe.

Musical Traditions of St. Lucia, West Indies: Dances and Songs from a Caribbean Island
Intricate and driving rhythms and moving melodies combine with French, English, and African echoes.

Marimba Music of Guatemala by Chapinlandia
These catchy melodies, sentimental harmonies, and dance rhythms are the signature of Guatemala's national musical instrument that drew from the African, Indian, and Ladino (creole) roots of Central America's colonial past.

The Central Park Concert by Astor Piazzolla

Putumayo Presents Québec

The Soul of Black Peru: Afro-Peruvian Classics

Frequent Flyer: Ipanema
Brazilian music has always been a big influence for electronica artists. On this CD, the music is relaxing and warm, the beat's steady, and the whole thing is fun. All Music Guide.

5 Piano Concertos by Heitor Villa-Lobos

American Music: The HighTone Records Story
Few if any other record labels have been as steadfastly dedicated to the propagation of American roots music as HighTone. HighTone unleashed not only superb albums of modern blues but also no-nonsense folk, rock, country, and numerous subgenres thereof -- all of it, essentially, non-trendy, organic music created by both established and young upstarts. All Music Guide.

And, coming soon: Books to nurture your passion for the Americas and to get familiar with the rich cultures of the Western Hemisphere! Plus, Fresh City Life presents Street Food: Cooking Demos and the Salsa Wars!

Written by Web Staff on June 23, 2010


Anonymous on June 24, 2010


Amazing collection of tunes! Thanks for putting this together and giving some hemispheric spice to the Biennial of the Americas. Looking forward to the books!

Carlyn on June 25, 2010


Thanks for the great music list! I've just put 4 of these titles on hold.
And looking forward to the Biennial of the Americas events.
Keep us posted!


In conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, the Denver Public Library is displaying an exhibit of inspirational photography from Hazlo Ahora (Do it Now) in Mexico called the ABC of Disability. The exhibit will be on display in Schlessman Hall at Central Library through July. The Biennal is a month-long cultural celebration of innovation, imagination and the artistic achievement of the Western Hemisphere, hosted by the City of Denver. The exhibit also is a fitting way to recognize the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Hazlo Ahora invited photographers and the disabled to demonstrate their art and creativity in the ABC of Disability. The alphabet was chosen because these are symbols that humans use to make sense of what is happening around us, in a manner by which we understand that differences exist and are present in every moment. Like humans, no letter is the same as another and the differences enrich our communication and our lives with one another. The ABC of Disability recognizes the values that promote a culture for people with disabilities and highlights their development and inclusion in society.

This Exhibit has been brought to Denver by the Mexican Consulate, Cross Communities Coalition and Regis University’s Center for the Common Good. Supporting this effort are the Denver Public Library, the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Foundation and the Biennial of the Americas.

Anonymous on June 25, 2010


Thanks for this great list of music! I had no idea that a Jimmy Cliff Anthology is coming out. I cannot wait!

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