Volume Denver Interviews: Odyle

This interview is part of a series of interviews with local bands who are in the latest round of Volume Denver artists. If you've not already checked it out, Volume is a project by Denver Public Library to gather and share the amazing local talent in this town. You can listen to full albums and songs, make playlists, and even download music to keep, using your library card.

I'm pleased to introduce local band Odyle. A band that found their name while "...exploring esoteric books at the Philosophical Research Library..." is music to this librarian's ears! You can hear Odyle's album on Volume.

How did you and your bandmates meet? 

Odyle was formed by a musician and an actress. Michael Raab and Gina Wencel met during a theatrical production of Bertolt Brecht’s Good Person of Szechwan. They hit it off, and later moved to North Hollywood, CA to pursue their respective dreams in the crazy L.A. world of acting and music. They soon started writing music together, playing in L.A. bookstores and coffee houses and continue to do so in Denver.
What did music look like for you as you were growing up?

Music was so exciting! The Golden Age of Rock and Roll - every style and genre was absorbed. Michael’s home was full of music and Gina’s father was owner of a Northern California radio station that played R&B, soul and rock, so as a child she was exposed to a lot of great music.

What's your favorite Denver venue to play and why?

We love to play 3 Kings Tavern because the owners are so cool and it’s a great stage.

What's been your favorite show and why?

One of our most memorable was playing short sets between stage acts at The Bakery in 2017. It was a two week run of Grand Guignol theater produced by Pandemic Collective. Every night was a full house, in addition to Odyle’s set, Michael provided underscoring for the two theatrical performance pieces while Gina played the lead in the second piece.

What's the story behind your band name?

We came upon the word while exploring esoteric books at the Philosophical Research Library in Los Feliz, CA. The word was used by Karl Von Reichenbach who was a  metallurgist, naturalist and philosopher. His investigations led him to propose that there was a force allied to magnetism, that permeates and connects all living things. He named this manifestation "Odyle." We believe this is what is being accessed when creative ideas manifest in all forms of art, including music. 

Describe your sound in one sentence.

Ethereal vocals deliver haunting lyrics over an alternative rock dreamscape of soaring melodies!

If you could open for any other musical act, living or dead, who would it be and why?

David Bowie because to us he was one of the coolest most creative artists ever. He understood the theatricality of live performance but also lived his life as the artist he was.

Thank you Odyle! Keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming shows.

Written by Jennifer D on February 28, 2018


Terry Burnsed on February 28, 2018


You could name an album: Letters on Od and Magnetism!

Gina on March 2, 2018


Perhaps that will be the title for our next album, Terry. We are working on a new one!

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