Found in a Book

There are always treasures to be found in the pages of a library book. We generally think of words being the treasure.


Find here keepsakes of the everyday left behind in library books. These forgotten snippets show a tiny glimmer of the wonderful complexities of our library customers' lives. I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we did. Recognize something? Let us know!


Guest post courtesy of Maddie, Gwyn and Central Shelvers


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Written by Dodie on October 8, 2020


M. Elias Hiebert on October 9, 2020


The old RTD transfer was highly nostalgic for me. I used to use those as bookmarks all the time.


I was just thinking about "The Definite Article" this morning, so I typed you in and were delighted to find you "inside a book"!

~*~*~*~* on October 9, 2020


I handmade a set of the Major Arcana Tarot cards and hid individual cards in library books. I hope people have found them!


A bookmark I used to have is in a found-items display at Schlessman Family Branch Library. It was a kid's art bookmark from Tattered Cover. I recognize the corners I chewed :)

Cori J. on October 17, 2020


Love, love, love this post! Way back when the Schlessman Family Branch opened, we collected "found" items, framed them in collages and decorated the very bare walls of the copier niche. Before that, we collected bookmarks left in books and decorated a Christmas tree at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch with them. We included a sign--"If you recognize me, please take me home!" Most customers so loved the tree that they waited until we took it down to claim their bookmarks. Such fun!!

Nancy B on October 22, 2020


I hope someone found the bookmark from Nettie's Harbour Inn, Newfoundland when I mistakenly left it in a book. Maybe someone found it and will visit western Newfoundland someday.

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