Increased Safety Efforts Showing Promise at Denver Central Library

Coordinated Approach is Curbing Illegal and Unwanted Activities

Increased Denver Police patrols, additional security cameras and enhanced safety efforts are having a positive effect on security-related incidents at the Denver Central Library. The library this week released information on safety upgrades for its flagship location at 14th and Broadway. The results come after eight months of intense focus on curbing illegal and unwanted behavior in and around the library.

Visual Tour of the Updated Website

You may have noticed a new look to the website. In a previous post, we talked about how this migration was initiated out of necessity to make the site more secure. While making all the needed fixes under the hood, we used this software upgrade as a chance to add our latest branding styles, apply a cleaner look overall, and implement suggested improvements based upon customer feedback to streamline how the content is presented, making it easier to access. Below are some highlights of the updated site.