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by C. A. (Cheryl A.) Rainfield

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Sarah Meadows is 17, and can't wait to have her life change. She's lived with a port wine stain on her face, and the stares and bullying that come with it, all of her life. The day she thinks she will get her first treatment for it, her dad's business...

The never list

by Koethi Zan

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Sarah and Jennifer always followed their set of rules, the Never List, as they called it. Safety was always paramount. This is why they were so surprised to find themselves kidnapped together by the sadistic psychopath, Jack Derber along with other teenage girls. The years spent in captivity damaged all...

What's the Plural of Apocalypse? DPL @ Comic Con, Survival, and the Caldera

Are you going to be at Denver Comic Con, May 31-June 2? Because lots of Denver Public Library folks will be there! Are you ready to face the end of the world with us?

Just one of DPL's many panels is entitled: It's the End of the World as We Know It: Books that Taught Us Survival Strategies for a Terrifying Future. Here's a brief description:

The dog stars : a novel

by Peter Heller

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Hands down one of the best novels of 2012. Nine years after a flu pandemic has practically wiped out humanity, a few survivors deal with the collapse of civilization. Written in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, the book gets inside the head of Hig, a pilot who lives in a...


by Karen Hesse

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YA dystopias are still a hot genre, and this book is a dystopia, but a much, let's say, quieter, one. There's no love triangle. There's much less violence than in many of these books. This is an introvert's dystopia. Radley flies back from the orphanage in Haiti where she has...

The raft

by S. A. (Stephanie A.) Bodeen

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Robie's on another flight from Honolulu to Midway Atoll, going between her aunt and her parents, something she's done dozens of times. But this time, it's different. First engine trouble, then a crash into the ocean, and Robie and Larry the copilot are the only ones alive. They have a...

This is not a test

by Courtney Summers

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Sloane woke up planning to die that day. Her sister forgot about their plan to run away from their abusive father together, and has left Sloane alone with him. Sloane sees no better option than the pills she's counting on. Then the zombies attack. Suddenly, Sloane is fighting to live,...

While Waiting for The Hunger Games Movie...

Summer of the Apocalypse

Are you one of the teens or adults who loved Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy and are wondering what to read while waiting for the movie to be released next spring?

Dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction is extremely popular right now. Here are some of the titles that some colleagues and I recently put together for a training on these topics. This post will concentrate on some favorite post-apocalyptic fiction. Look for some great dystopias in an upcoming post! What's the difference between dystopian & post-apocalyptic? In a nutshell: In a dystopia, there is a pseudo-utopian structure in society that has great flaws and the focus of the story is figuring out what is wrong and rebelling.

Nature Girl

by Jane (Jane Alice) Kelley

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Megan is stuck in VT with her artist parents for the summer. She'd rather be home in NYC, or with her best friend, Lucy, who is in MA for the summer. Here, there is no internet, no cell phone reception, and no TV. There IS mandatory art time every morning...

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