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Dog on it : a Chet and Bernie mystery

by Spencer Quinn

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Spencer Quinn's main characters Chet (a police dog who flunked out in the dog police academy) and Bernie (a financially challenged private investigator), are hilarious in this mystery novel that is first in a series. This Chet and Bernie novel, is fast paced and will keep you on the edge...

Picture me gone

by Meg Rosoff

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Mila admits that she's still technically a child, but her observational powers are strong and accompanying her father on a trip to locate Matthew, an old friend of his who has disappeared makes her aware that adult concerns impact her life.  Mila sees what many of the people around her...

17 & gone

by Nova Ren Suma

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One day seventeen year old Lauren drives past a missing girl poster and her life changes drastically. She begins to see many of these seventeen year old missing girls and they are trying to communicate with her. They talk to her and let her see why they are in danger. Lauren...

Desperately Seeking Someone?

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Whether you're Dog the Bounty Hunter or just looking for a long-lost cousin, we have the resources to help you succeed in locating someone who's gone missing.

If you want to start with the basics, check a few free websites such as Switchboard, DexKnows, or Zaba, a site that provides basic information including birth year, month, phone number and address (and deeper background information for a fee). Or try ReferenceUSA for standard white page listings and key business people by name.

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