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Cinderella, the World Traveler

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Cinderella movie that’s in theaters right now. But did you know that the story has been around for centuries? And that there are over 1,000 versions of the Cinderella story from all over the world?

Her name can be Cinderella, but she’s also been known as Rose, Yeh-Shen, Aschenputtel, Cendrillion, Jouanah, Nyasha, Teresa, Damura, Domitila, Pongi, and more.

St. Nicholas Magazine

Cover St Nicholas Magazine

Published from 1873 to 1943, St. Nicholas Magazine was one of the best children's magazines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first and most influential editor was Mary Mapes Dodge, who edited the magazine from 1873 until her death in 1905.

The true story of the three little pigs

by Jon Scieszka

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The wolf finally gets to tell his side of the story…after all there are two sides to every story! In this awesome, fast-paced, amusing tale the wolf shares his outlandish version of what “really” happened when he squared off with the three little pigs. The abstract illustrations compliment this fractured...

Dream animals

by Emily Winfield Martin

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I'm not a connoisseur of children's literature by any means, but my childhood favorites remain very close to my heart. I tried out the ebook version of Emily Winfield Martin's Dream Animals while browsing DPL's downloadable collection. The cover illustration was too beautiful to pass up. I really liked the...

Annual Children's Book Awards


Looking for book suggestions for your child? You’re in luck; it’s award season. Every year the American Library Association chooses the best books for children in a variety of categories. The staff here at the library held our own mock award sessions to see if we could predict this year's winners. Here are our results...

This year marks the 75th anniversary for the Caldecott Medal. Named for nineteenth-century English children's book illustrator, Randolph Caldecott, this award is given "to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children."
Medal Winner: More by I.C. Springman, illustrated by Brian Lies

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