Reviews and Blog Posts: Behavior / Anger and Conflict Resolution

Lulu and the brontosaurus

by Judith Viorst

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Lulu always gets what she wants. If she doesn't, she throws a fit, screeching until the light bulbs burst, and then her parents give in. So what happens when she decides that she wants a brontosaurus for her birthday? Not only are they extinct, but they might not make very...

Lucy and the bully

by Claire Alexander

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Lucy loves school and especially art time, but there is a bully at school and he starts to pick on Lucy. He breaks her art projects, steps on her cake, and tears her books. Lucy is afraid to tell anyone so she just gets very sad. How can she make...


by Kathryn Otoshi

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Blue is happy to be blue. Sometimes he wishes he was yellow or green, but mainly he's happy to be blue. That is, until Red comes along and starts bullying the other colors, saying they're not good colors. All of the colors feel bad until the number One comes along....

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