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Between you & me : confessions of a Comma Queen

by Mary (Editor) Norris

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Part language usage book, part memoir, all amusing, Between You & Me is a delight. Norris spent many years at The New Yorker, and many of her examples of misused language are gleaned from her time at the magazine. Have trouble with "who" vs "whom" or "that" vs "which"? Norris...

On Point

pink Converse high tops

A good dance critic takes risks, teases out aesthetic questions, and faces each performance with anticipation.  A great dance critic like Arlene Croce makes you believe dance is really all there is to talk about.

Arlene Croce wrote the dance column in the The New Yorker from 1973 until 1998.  I first learned of her column when a high school teacher shared a photocopied review in preparation to see Judith Jamison dance.  I was too young, too inexperienced and Croce's words were hollow.

And then I saw Judith Jamison dance.
And nothing was ever the same.

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