Breaking the Barriers Portrait Series Exhibit

Gates Reading Room, Level 5

Art in Action, celebrating the accomplishments of diverse tennis pioneers, contributors, and rising stars in Colorado. Breaking the Barriers features photographs by Barry Gutierrez, photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.

Literary Giants Exhibit-- Exhibición "Los Gigantes Literarios"

Oct 1, 2015 - Nov 1, 2015
Second Floor Exhibit Space

Literary Giants is an itinerant art exhibit that launched August 1st, 2015 at The Open Media Foundation in Denver and will travel for one year making one-month stops at Public Schools and Public Libraries in Colorado. The exhibit will show portraits of a selection of literary giants of the world from Cervantes to Hemingway in an attempt to create a friendly approach to history, literature and reading through art.

Race Matters: An Intercultural Dialogue of an Artificial Construct and Exhibition

Cousins Gallery - Level 3

This exhibit will feature artists from the local community showcasing work that explores both the intersection of “race” and the connectedness of people as it overlaps and illustrates our shared humanity. We use the word “race” to describe color, ethnicity, and culture, when in reality it’s our shared humanity that unites us as one.

Kim Allen: Photographic Retrospective

Western History/Genealogy Gallery, Level 5

Photographer Kim Allen documented Denver's Lower Downtown from 1983 to 1995. His images chronicle Denver with one foot in history, stepping into a new era. The powerful photographs illustrate our essential foundation and our respect of heritage. We value these views as part of a great sum. These prints are part of us and are moments to celebrate and appreciate.

Life of Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales 1928-2005

East Entrance

Life of Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales 1928-2005

Our permanent, interactive digital exhibit of Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales, for whom our library is named.
Learn about his history & amazing life in this multimedia exhibit that includes unique photos from the Gonzales Family such as the only recording of one his boxing matches. There are videos, photos, narratives, and audio as well as one of his most famous works, the epic poem "I am Joaquin."

Come and check it out!

La vida de Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales 1928-2005

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