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DPL Staff Art Show partners with East High Exhibit at Central

For the twelfth consecutive year, the Denver Public Library is proud to showcase the exceptional artistry, creativity and talent of 37 staff members. The staff art show is quite eclectic this year, with mediums including oil, acrylic, wool, photography, plastic, tesserae, faux fur, and even a re-purposed book.

Don't miss this chance to see the hidden talents of the workers who check out your books, answer reference questions, ensure your safety or shelve the books.

Featured Nonprofit: Demi's Animal Rescue

Recently, the DPL Nonprofit Center had a visit from Demi Merritt, the founder of Demi's Animal Rescue, a no-kill animal rescue that focuses on complete rehabilitation of difficult pets, and then finds the best matches for adoption. At 20, Demi is a nonprofit veteran (the organization became a 501c3 in 2010) and is a born fundraiser and advocate.

Andrew and Jamie Wyeth: Father and Son at the Denver Art Museum

"Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio," currently exhibiting at the Denver Art Museum, features the famed father and son dyad, and contains over 100 works created in watercolor, pen and ink, graphite, charcoal, oil, tempera and mixed media.

From Broken Crockery to Polar Bear Swims: The 5 Most Shocking New Year's Traditions from around the World

While still reeling from the results of my research into odd Christmas traditions around the world, such the Japanese eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a special culinary treat in Greenland called kiviak (tiny, whole birds sealed in a seal and buried for several months for fermentation), I came across some New Year's traditions

Cover Stories Exhibit Part 2: Harper's Bazar, March, 1888 and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, September, 1893

In Cover Stories Exhibit Part 1, we saw a beautiful wood engraving based on a patent drawing for a bicycle/merry-go-round combo from the May 4, 1869, cover of Scientific American, and another from a photograph depicting the Great Chicago Fire from the October 21, 1871 issue of The Graphic.

Cover Stories Exhibit Part 1: Scientific American (1869) and The Graphic (1871).

Cover Stories Part 1 Graphic

Did you know that the Central Library has an enormous collection of periodicals, ranging from The Gentleman's Magazine, which dates back to the 1730s, to Game Informer, which offers the latest in video game news? We decided to showcase some of our favorite titles with an exhibit titled Cover Stories , a celebration of magazine cover art presented in re-purposed frames found in a storage area on the 6th floor.

The Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Performances? - It's Elementary

Through January 31, sleuth fans of all ages will immerse themselves in everything Sherlock at the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.   In addition to learning about the life of the detective's creator, Sir Conan Doyle, visitors will solve a mystery, view a replica of 221B Baker Street, explore Sherlockian cultural items, and mingle with historical enactors.

Digital Eye Strain: Don't be a Victim

According to the Vision Council, we're all spending so much time using digital devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers and video games that it's resulted in an epidemic of digital eye strain -- a condition that can result in blurred or double vision, red, irritated, fatigued eyes, and headaches. Other symptoms might include those also found in "dry eye," such as a sensation of sand in the eyes, pain, difficulty in wearing contacts, or sensitivity to light.

Creating a Frankenstein: How a 19-year-old Wrote the Best Horror Novel Ever

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (August 30, 1797 - February 1, 1851) was on vacation on the shores of Lake Geneva in the summer of 1816, and was not having any fun -- instead of the warm, cloudless days that she'd looked forward to, the weather was chilly and wet.

Summer Beach Reads for Men

As a Coloradan, do you ever feel left out when you see a list of "Summer Beach Reads?" I did too, until I learned that we have plenty of sandy beaches right here in Colorado. The reservoir at Chatfield State Park is the closest, and offers a view of the mountains, a swim beach, and a huge off-leash dog park. The 700-acre Boulder Reservoir is another state park where you can relax on the beach, swim, bike or view diverse wildlife.

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