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Shawn Bowman: Tabletop Game Designer

Shawn Bowman

Have you ever tried to make your own board game? Ever wondered what it takes to design a game that people actually want to play? Well, ideaLAB’s newest maker-in-Residence, Shawn Bowman, aims to get you playing, hacking, making, and thinking about games and the cultures that surround them.

Learn Python is Back!

Python logo on blue and yellow wallpaper

Good news, everybody: Learn Python is back! Each Tuesday evening for the remainder of April and May, we'll be getting together at the Central Library to learn the Python computer programming language.

Free and Open Source Software for Creatives

You all know we have the Adobe Creative Cloud in ideaLAB, right? Indeed, you can access these wonderful software programs during our Open Labs. Need to make a montage of all of your cat videos? BOOM. We’ve got Premiere. Want to put Grandma’s face on Steph Curry draining a 3-pointer? Photoshop is at your service. Is your footage from last summer's family reunion lacking explosions?

Artificial Intelligence

I recently watched a somewhat unsettling but thought-provoking film called Ex Machina that explores some of the possibilities (great and terrifying) of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Learn Python at DPL!

Each Tuesday evening in October and November, we’re getting together at the Central Library to learn the Python computer programming language.

Elements of Web Design

When I say design, what do you think of? Maybe something involving graphics, aesthetics, or "style"? That’s often what I think of. But design isn’t just about the visual elements of a website or a car or a building; rather, it’s about finding solutions to real problems and creating a better user experience.

How Do You Feel About Self-Driving Cars?

I don’t know about you, but I find the whole self-driving car saga fascinating. Proponents tout the potential to free us up during our commute, vastly increase safety, and cut down on traffic jams and pollution.

Tech Classes at the Commons on Champa

The Community Technology Center will be teaching Getting Started with WordPress at the Commons on Champa (1245 Champa Street), Thursday 6/18 from 10am-noon. It will be a condensed version of our two part WordPress classes covering all the basics, from making posts and managing comments to customizing your site’s appearance and integrating social media.

These Software Amps Go to 11

Marshall Amp Photo

I can’t remember the last time ideaLAB’s recording studio went unused during Open Lab. Along with 3D printing, it’s definitely our most popular offering. The studio has a slew of software, a couple of microphones, a MIDI keyboard controller, digital turntables, a drum machine, and two guitars (one electric and one acoustic/electric).

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