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Cover Stories - 150 Years of Magazine Cover Artistry

Graphic with all 16 magazine covers included in the exhibit

Here are two more of the wonderful magazine covers featured in the Cover Stories exhibit on the walls outside the Reference Room on Level 3 at the Central Library:

Time, September 22, 1947
Artwork: Jackie Robinson, Illustrator: Ernest Hamlin Baker (1889-1975)

Cover Stories - 150 Years of Magazine Cover Artistry

Graphic showing 16 historic magazine covers

This week we have two more early 20th century magazine covers for your enjoyment. These and all the covers we're blogging about can be seen in the Cover Stories display on the wall outside the Reference Services area on Level 3 at Central Library. Please come and have a look at the full display! Neither of these two magazines is still in print:

The Theatre, March 1905
Artwork: “Dustin Farnum as The Virginian, Otto Sarony Company - photographer unknown

Students - Let Us Help You Succeed with Your Research Project!

Essay, Extended Essay, Argumentative Paper, Research Paper, National History Day Project, Book Report....The start of school means new assignments and we are here to help. If you are a student who would like some one-on-one assistance from a librarian to help with research for your project please check out our Student Research Appointments service. You can work online with a librarian or come to the Central Library in person.

CQ Researcher

What do you think about closing Guantanamo? Not sure about this complicated issue? Or how about organ donation? Should organ donors be paid? CQ Researcher is a really useful resource to turn to for thoughtful discussion of issues of current interest like these.

Students can use CQ Researcher's A-Z Index of Pro/Con Topics when they are preparing to debate a topic. The Reports are full of facts and statistics that can help in writing papers. CQ Researcher is updated weekly with new content. On the front page you can see what reports are coming up and what has been updated. Here are some recent and upcoming reports: Public Employee Unions, Wind Power, National Debt, Treating Alzheimer's. We often recommend this site.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library logo

Can't make it to the library, but need to get started on a research project? Gale Virtual Reference Library offers a whole set of reference books online. All you need to use it from home or anywhere else with internet access is your Denver Public Library card number and password. Take a look at how useful it can be.

The first page offers a search box where you can enter a keyword. This Basic search will bring up articles from a variety of books. If you know more precisely what you are looking for choose an advanced search to narrow down the subject area or even specific resources you want to search in. The search will return lists of articles by title with a short description. If you are interested you click and see the whole article within a complete citation that you can use in a bibliography. How great for reports and homework!

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