ZINE 15: recap

ZINE 15: keep 5, trade 5, distribute 5 for other library customers
Front & Back Covers of the zine titled "Trick Plays" by Bryan and Felipe Inside Preview of zine titled "Trick Plays" by Bryan and Felipe Zines on display at Byers Branch Library from now until Sat., April 5

On Saturday, March 15, Byers Branch Library hosted the first ZINE 15 event, and it was AWESOME! We designed our very own zines, resulting in a fabulous array of drawing styles. Since we created no-staple zines, we were able to make several copies and fold them into booklets right away. After our hard work, we enjoyed reading each other's stories and trading zines.

Featured here are images of a zine created by two friends, Bryan and Felipe. Together, they designed a Denver Broncos themed zine titled "Trick Plays." Bryan drew the jerseys and Felipe devised the football trick plays for three players.

One of the coolest things about zines is the ability to get your ideas into other people's hands. So we asked ZINE 15 participants to leave some of their zines for other library customers to take. Five different zines will be on display at Byers Branch Library from now until Saturday, April 5. Feel welcome to stop on by today and pick-up a free zine!

And if you are asking, "What is a zine?" check-out these helpful resources:





Four new zines have been added to the Zine Display! People have been inspired to make their own after looking at the zines here at Byers Library. So feel welcome to come look at these zines, take copies of the zines you like, and MAKE YOUR OWN ZINE to add to the display.

This is such an amazing idea!!!!! If you do anymore programs can you post them on here. maybe a head of time so, I can come would be rad!

Thank you for the recommendation - we will certainly post information about future ZINE 15 programs on the DPL website. If you are able to come to Byers Library to see the Zines Display, there are blank no-staple zines available so that you can make your own.

Awesome! They all look great but I'm intrigued by "The Best Breakfast Ever."

Thank you Angela! I hope you are able to visit Byers Library to get yourself a copy of "The Best Breakfast Ever."

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