Take control of your future

Twelve-year-old Ana has some impressive goals for her adult life, including “making it to the Olympics and working in either professional sports or finance.”

By all indications, this hard-working youth—who loves sports, art and traveling to her Mom’s home country of Spain—is on the right track.

Ana participated in the YouthBiz program which helps kids “think, speak and act like an entrepreneur.” YouthBiz and the library collaborated on the entrepreneurial program, in which students learn skills such as critical thinking, self-direction and invention.

Ana and teammates did their research at the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch Library for the Business Pitch Competition. Their idea was the Obstacle Popsicle, a frozen creation made from root beer and peppermint.

Her team was one of three groups that made it to the finals, a big success.

 “I think the judges liked our product and how we came up with the idea, even though we didn’t win,” Ana says. 

What she and her team did win was knowledge that will last a lifetime.







Written by ChrisH on March 17, 2019