Start a career from scratch

As a homeless teen, David Bondarchuck came to the Denver Central Library all day, every day, not only to ‘feel safe’ but to pore over cookbooks, including those by one of his idols, Martha Stewart.  The teen came and went from our premises without anyone ever knowing the gritty details of his life. He wanted it that way because he didn’t want to draw attention to himself.   

“Those were some tough times,” David recalls.

David says he didn’t learn his craft in culinary school, but at the library.

Today, David owns Scratch Catering Services, a business he founded. And if that isn’t enough of a happy ending, David applied to decorate the White House for the holidays and was accepted in December 2011.  Someone on Martha Stewart’s staff heard his story and asked him to appear on her show, which he did.

To this day, David comes to Central, and says he has no idea where he would be if not for the library. 

 “The library,” he adds, “changed the direction of my life.”


Written by ChrisH on March 17, 2019