Produce results

Beverly Grant’s wrap-around smile never seems to leave her face, especially when she is discussing fresh produce.

“I am passionate about food, history and culture,” the Denver native says. “And I’m committed to making fresh food accessible and affordable for everyone, and educating people about making better food choices.”

Beverly had identified a food desert in her neighborhood and she decided to do something about it.

She dreamed of opening a farmers market in Five Points, but had no idea where to begin.  Beverly started by signing up for an eight-week intensive bootcamp for entrepreneurs but says she was “really inspired” after attending a presentation given by the library’s outreach specialist Dixie Malone.

“Beverly was enthusiastic every step of the way,” says Dixie, who helps Denver Public Library customers find the information and resources they need to create their business plan, even conducting one-on-one sessions.

Beverly completed the workshop for entrepreneurs, and today, she rattles off terms such as “market shares” and “sustainable practices” faster than you can say heirloom tomato.

Beverly proudly opened her market near the Light Rail station at 25th and Welton. 

“I just love selling fresh produce that is organic and delicious,” she says, beaming.




Written by ChrisH on March 17, 2019