Plaza Voices: Making Tamales the 'Rancho' Way

Families preparing tamales at the Woodbury branch.

On December 3rd, 2013, the Woodbury Branch hosted its Your Life Home--and it was quite a success!

Our goal was to have people come and share things they do for the holidays (whatever holiday it may be)--maybe recipes and/or decoration tips--whatever they wanted to share. We had 22 "tamale kits" prepared for our expected attendance, and some supplies left for "just in case".... and we used all the kits!  

The biggest treasure was that we had kids, teens, and adults with Mexican, Chicano, Caribbean, and Russian heritage.  This is the true meaning of Plaza: people helping each other to reach a common goal, to create something different and learn from each other.  What a great experience to see kids preparing tamales, wanting to do their best and working very hard at it.  It was a wonderful example of intergenerational and intercultural immersion. 

Plaza participants felt very happy because they were all sharing their tips and learning new methods to cook tamales.  Some even said, "You can do it with a spoon or the 'rancho' way [using your hands]." 

I will definitely try this kind of program idea again, because it brought together many people who did not converse much (in English or Spanish) to talk and communicate with each other via food. 

--Viviana C., Woodbury Branch Library

Plaza is a meeting place where people from all over the world connect with information, make new friends, and enjoy new experiences, building Denver’s global community.

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I am checking in with branch staff to find out if they are planning another tamale cook-off in the near future! In the meantime, you can always see the latest Plaza events by clicking the events calendar link, above. Thanks for your interest!

This was a great program, are you having another one soon?

Sweet tamales and champurrado or atole in this kind of weather sounds great! Congrats in this successful program.

What a great way to bring cultures together. Every nationality makes their tamales in their unique way. Great job!

Very successful event hosted by the one and only Viviana from Woodbury!!!

Thank you so much for your comments! Your Life programs are a wonderful part of the Plaza experience. We feature different topics at several branches throughout the year. You can always find more information on our events calendar, or by visiting one of our participating branches (including Hadley, Ross-Barnum, Montbello, Woodbury, Hampden, and Ford-Warren).

That is SO cool, my idea of a dream library program, felicidades con sus exitos!

This was a very fun program at the library. My kids enjoyed it!

Check out the Events Calendar for future Plaza programs!

What a wonderful event! How can people learn about the next one of this type?

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