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Review books on the Summer of Reading website from Friday, June 22 through Monday, July 30 and you could have a chance to win prizes including an iPod Shuffle!

Here are some questions to think about when writing your book review:

The Plot & Characters
Is the story exciting and believable? Is it a story you can get involved in? Are the people in the story believable? Are you interested in finding out about them? Can you picture the characters in your mind?

Is it a Good Read?
Once you’ve read the beginning, does it make you want to read more? How do the characters talk to each other? Does it seem real?

What it Looks Like?
Is the art on the cover good? Are the pictures interesting? Do the pictures make the story better? Are any special effects or fonts used?

Your Opinion
How many points out of 10 would you give the book? What age or grade of readers do you think would enjoy it? Would both boys and girls enjoy it? Is it a book that adults might enjoy?

Written by DawnM on June 22, 2012


Nicholas m on June 23, 2012


I have read many books,but I was particularly fond of. All though it is a horror novel it is in my opinion the best book ever written. That book is by Stephen King. It's tittle is Pet Semetary. Stephen king is one of the greatest horror writers of the decade. In his novel he uses plenty of writers skills.He uses imagery to give you a sense of how bad Gage is when he comes back. The book won the award world wide fantasy in 1984. His works are in this teenagers opinion is one of the best. I have also read many other horrors but this one is by far the best one. In the beginning of Pet Semetary it is all normal. But the real horror starts when Louis creeds daughters cat Church dies. Louis buries him in an old Indian burial ground. Things seem normal when Church comes back, but then Louis knows something is wrong. A few weeks pass and then one day Gage wonders into the street. By the time Louis and Rachel notice Gage is mssing he is already down the street and gets hit by a truck. On the night after Gage's funeral Louis goes to the cemetery where he is buried and digs him up. He then buries him in the same Indian burial ground. Well then you know the rest. He comes back as a psyco baby and kills his mother then Louis kills gage. When Rachel dies Louis also burries her in the burial ground. Then well you know the rest.

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