Wow! Zoom! Sweep! with Prezi Presentations

Wow! Zoom! Sweep! with Prezi Presentations

Do you know what a Prezi presentation is? It's ok, neither did I a few months ago. It's kind of a new thing. I'd even wager to say it's The New Thing as far as presentations are concerned.

Prezi is a free cloud-based program that allows users to create moving (literally) presentations by zooming in, out and around visual objects, whether they're images or power words. Think of it like this: Prezi is to Powerpoint as a landline phone is to an iPhone. There are advantages to both, but Prezi has a lot more bells and whistles, capabilities and is all around a more impressive product. While Powerpoint is arranged in a linear fashion (think slide after slide of Title Subtitle Bullet Bullet Bullet, blah blah blah), Prezi allows you to present information without being bound to this step by step format. Instead of going from slide to slide, you zoom from concept to concept, and arrange the movement of the "camera" according to the concept you're trying to get across. And yet it's not a video- during the presentation, you control the speed at which the screens change. That sounds confusing! It's easier to watch than to describe, so click here to see a video. Click here here and here to see examples of Prezis I think are awesome.

Whether you're creating a presentation for work, preparing a report for school or putting together a slideshow of personal photos, Prezi will seriously impress audiences. All you need is an internet connection to make it happen!

Come to our Prezi Presentations class this Thursday, October 11th from 1-3 p.m. at the Community Technology Center (Level 4 of the Central Library) to find out how to use this cool new software.


I am distracted by the movement and remember the motion sickness more than the content... I hate Prezi.

The motion sickness factor is definitely a concern! Our Prezi teachers are building it into the class, ie what can you do as the presentation designer to minimize wooziness in your audience. Turns out there's lots of stuff! It involves things like not turning your view 180 degrees, and swooping in gradual increments. If you're interested, come to the next Prezi class December 21st at 11!

I first learned and used this program last year in sixth grade, and this year as well at my school. It's required for our projects in class, and I have highly enjoyed it.

The program is free! Both the class (today at 1!) as well as the software. And I'm not sure exactly what you mean by cross-platform, but I hope this answers your question: Prezi is cloud-based, so it has no system requirements besides an internet connection. It'll display in IE, Firefox and Chrome, opened in either a Mac or a PC. Did this help?

How much does this program cost? Is it cross-platform?

I never thought of that! It's true, there's a lot of moving in and out quickly. I bet though that there are ways to create a presentation that minimizes the motion-sickness effect, though; an audience full of nauseous people would not be a happy audience!

I just saw my first Prezi, and I must admit it made me a little motion sick...It IS an intriguing format, but will take some getting used to, I think!

I had the same reaction, and I think speed of the movement may be the issue. It's like sitting in the front row of a movie theater. I could see this more uselful as a tool for presentations without a speaker (like a photo presentation). I think a lot of motion behind the speaker can be distracting to what the person is actually saying, but maybe that's just my ADD.

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