Winter Fun With Froggy

It's about to get cold in Denver! If you're looking for some indoor fun for your little one try brainstorming creative activities after reading a favorite picture book.

I love Jonathan London's Froggy books, and one of my favorites is Froggy Gets Dressed. Froggy doesn't care that frogs are supposed to hibernate in winter. He's ready to play in the snow. He is so excited to go outside that, despite his mother's reminders, he forgets to put on the appropriate winter garb.

Here are a few fun things you can do after reading this book:

  • Act out the story with your little one. Help your child dress in winter clothes, but forget pants. Then, call your little froggy back and remind him to put on his pants. Encourage him to make the "zip, zup, zap" sounds, just like Froggy. Repeat with the next piece of clothing. Acting out actions from a book will give your child a greater understanding of the story.
  • When Froggy's mom reminds him to put on his underwear, Froggy's usually green face turns red with a blush. Try mixing red and green paint together and see what happens.
  • Conduct a science experiment by giving your child ice or snow and warm water. Talk about what will happen to the ice when the water is poured on it. Then try it and discuss your results. Conversations like this help children learn new vocabulary words, which will make learning learn to read easier.
  • Sing Mary Wore a Red Dress (video below) but change "Mary" to "Froggy" and sing about all the different clothes Froggy wears in the book. You can also use your child's name and sing about the clothing he or she is wearing.

What other fun ideas can you think up to enrich your child's understanding of Froggy Gets Dressed?

Written by Rachel on December 2, 2013

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