Windows 7 has arrived at DPL!

Whoo hoo! Say goodbye to Windows XP and helllllooooo to Windows 7!

As many of you have probably heard, Microsoft will no longer provide support for its XP operating system after April 8, 2014. So if you're a home user who hasn't switched to Windows 7 or newer, check out this page for more information.

DPL has already started the upgrades to all public computers. Along with the Windows 7 rollout, there are some other upgrades as well. All the browsers, including Internet Explorer, are up to date.  And now customers can download and install software, too!

The new setup is already available at the following locations: Robinson, Montbello, Byers, Ross-University Hills, Valdez-Perry, Woodbury, Blair-Caldwell, Virginia Village, Barnum, Smiley, Park Hill, Schlessman Family, Community Technology Center (Central), Sam Gary & Eugene Field. The tentative schedule for upgrades for the rest of the branches is as follows:

Jan 27: Ross-Broadway
Jan 28: Hadley
Jan 29: Hampden
Feb 3: Athmar
Feb 5: Cherry Creek
Feb 6: Westwood
Feb 10: Decker
Feb 12: Green Valley Ranch
Feb 13: Bear Valley
Feb 20: Ford-Warren

Written by Melanie on January 27, 2014

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