Win your Oscar Party with DPL and DFS

Beginning on Wednesday, February 5th, The Denver Film Society will launch a new film education course, Film Criticism: The Envelope Puhleeze - What Award Season Fever Tells Us About The "Best" Of Hollywood, taught by esteemed Denver Post film and theater critic, Lisa Kennedy.  

The class -- which meets every Wednesday night from 6:30-9:00 at the Sie FilmCenter -- will examine the peculiar cultural ritual that is the film Awards Season and consider what it means to single out one movie as the "Best Picture" of the year.

Whether you're an Oscar fanatic or Oscarphobic, Kennedy's class will definitely give you something to think about in-between munching on popcorn and snickering at fashion faux pas.

Enroll at the Sie FilmCenter Box Office or online.

Use the promo code DPLfilm online or in-person to receive $15 off your enrollment fee!

To supplement the class discussions and screenings, Lisa Kennedy has shared a suggested reading list that you can access through the DPL catalog.  Whether or not you enroll in the class, these texts provide excellent insights into the creative processes of  filmmakers and film critics.

Click on the titles below to view additional information, check availability, and place holds, or view the entire book list here.

The Age of Movies: Selected Writings of Pauline Kael 

The Great Movies (available as an ebook), The Great Movies II, The Great Movies III 
These essential collections provide a fantastic overview of the critical work of Kael and Roger Ebert, two of the most beloved and influential modern movie critics.

American Movie Critics: An Anthology From the Silents Until Now 
Edited by the great American essayist Phillip Lopate, this anthology charts the development of film criticism from the birth of the medium through the present day.  (Be sure to check out the work of mid-century iconoclasts, Manny Farber and Parker Tyler.)

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film  
This massive volume by British born critic David Thomson contains brief entries on over 1000 film personalities past and present.

In the Blink of An Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing 
The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film 
These two books provide insight into the artistic practice of visionary film editor, sound designer, and multiple Academy Award winner, Walter Murch.

Making Movies 
Part memoir, part instruction manual this engaging book by five-time Best Director nominee, Sidney Lumet, chronicles the ins and outs of filmmaking in NYC.


Written by Lisa B. on February 3, 2014

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